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IC Net Limited | Managing Director Opens Bangladesh Office
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Managing Director Opens Bangladesh Office

Managing Director Opens Bangladesh Office

IC Net has opened a new office in Bangladesh in June of 2013. Bangladesh is a country with over 150 million people, and is one of the most densely populated country in the world. It is a country with high potentials for growth, in areas such as manufacturing industry for its abundance of labor. However, due to poor and delayed infrastructure development and inefficiency of government agencies, Bangladesh has been positioned as one of the poorest countries in Asia.

Rural development is one of the most urgent issues, but simply laying new roads using ODA funds will not be sufficient, without effective management of surrounding rural infrastructures. One can easily imagine a road full of potholes, adjacent markets becoming health hazards without proper drainages in a few years’ time, if not managed properly.

It is imperative to improve capacity of local governments to administer newly laid out roads. This is precisely where IC Net can provide actionable solutions to develop local markets as hubs for economic growth. Without improving administrative capacity of the local municipalities, long-term sustainability, despite capable central administrators, is doubtful. We believe IC Net can fill the “soft” capacity gap by working in tandem with “hard” infrastructure projects and unleash a greater potential for rural economic growth.

We hope for a peaceful resolution of the election. Now that we established our office in Dhaka, we are determined work even more closely with various multilateral and bilateral donors and the Government of Bangladesh to expedite delivery of our solutions.

Visiting our Office

The office is located at DOHS Mirpur only 2.5 km distance from the Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka. The recently inaugurated Mirpur-airport road flyover has made ease the traffic movement in Mirpur and Shahjalal International Airport and Gulshan areas.

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