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IC Net Limited | IC Net Awarded Ex-Post Evaluation Contract in China
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IC Net Awarded Ex-Post Evaluation Contract in China

IC Net Awarded Ex-Post Evaluation Contract in China

JICA has recently awarded IC Net to conduct the ex-post evaluations of nine of its China yen loan projects all over the mainland.  Each loan program on average amount to 100 million USD.  These programs were implemented in the sectors such as reforestation, water environment improvement, and dam construction in the early 2000s. The ex-post evaluations are carried out two years after its completion to review the current operation, maintenance, and management structure of these programs.

Throughout the evaluation process, the team will visit the project sites to carry out surveys, and evaluate the project based on the DAC 5 criteria (relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, sustainability). The results of the evaluation will serve as a platform for learning and continuous improvement for other countries carrying out these programs and be open to the public.

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