Capacity Development of Provincial Rural Development in Northeastern Provinces


The objective of this project was to strengthen the capacity of local administration, specifically provincial and district officials, to promote sustainable rural development in the target provinces. The main methods for capacity building were:

  1. On-the-job training through planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of pilot rural development projects
  2. Classroom lectures, field exercises, and workshops on theories and technical skills required for rural development projects; and
  3. Preparation of guidelines and manuals on different aspects of managing rural development projects.

IC Net provided technical assistance to provincial and district officials in implementing rural development projects. In particular, IC Net was responsible for assisting them in all aspects of monitoring and evaluation (M&E). IC Net:

  1. Developed the M&E methodology
  2. Supported the establishment and operation of the M&E systems
  3. Managed the design and implementation of baseline surveys
  4. Supported periodic progress monitoring activities and reporting
  5. Provided assistance in conducting evaluations of the benefits and impacts of the rural development projects
  6. Developed manuals, tools, and training materials for M&E
  7. Provided on-the-job training, classroom lectures, and workshops on M&E for the target officials.