IC Net Awarded the Public Investment Management Strengthening Project and Local City Governance Strengthening Project in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, non-strategic public investments in infrastructure are one of the obstacles to economic growth.  The Japanese International Cooperation Agency  (JICA) in 2011 identified several key factors influencing the PIM through improving (1) the Annual Development Programme (ADP) process; (2) strategic linkages between the Five Year Plan (FYP) and the ADP; (3) the M&E framework of development plans and projects; and (4) strategic resource allocation.  Given this analysis, the Government of Bangladesh’s the Planning Commission acknowledged the need to improve is in strengthening its Public Investment Management systems.

In January 2014, IC Net was awarded Strengthening Public Investment Management (PIM) System Project in Bangladesh by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency.  This three-year, five million USD project aims to improve the Government of Bangladesh’s PIM capacity that links national development policies to fiscal frameworks.  Particularly, IC Net will improve the Planning Commission’s 1.  formulation and appraisal of public investment projects, 2. approval and implementation of a strategic ADP, and monitoring of these projects.

A month later in February, IC Net was awarded the Strengthening Pourashava Governance Project by JICA.  This three-year, four million USD project aims to improve the capacity of the local city, or Pourashavas, administration across the country.  The project will 1) strengthen implementation structure and capacity building strategy of Pourashava administration; 2) set up methods, tools and training for effective capacity building of Pourashava personnel, and 3) improve the administrative capacity in pilot Pourashavas.  IC Net is to closely monitor the results in the pilot Pourshavas, drawing good practices and lessons learned from the baseline to the impact surveys.

These two technical assistance projects in Bangaldesh are important governance initiatives that will create an enabling environment for economic development.