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IC Net Limited | Message from our President, Morihiro Tada
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Message from our President, Morihiro Tada

IC Net’s driving force has been simple but central to our existence: “We want to build a better world for the people who suffer due to poverty,” as many of us once have watched on the news or read in books of children starving and people living in slums.

At first blush, solving these issues may seem easy.  However, the issues span from macro-economic and political where one may have little space to intervene, to conflicts between various stakeholders on the ground, rendering reality much more complex and solutions more formidable than what meets the eye.

Thus IC Net’s mission is to build positive changes laying one brick at a time while upholding the highest ideals for a better tomorrow, despite the obstacles.

To that end, we are devising new frameworks for development using the knowledge we have accumulated over the past two decades providing technical assistance on official development assistance (ODA) projects.  Not only will we continue to offer our multitude of services to government-led social development programs, but will provide training and business support to the private sector.  But instead of limiting our reach, we will create innovative solutions by uniting people, technology, and information to achieve visible progress around the globe.

Morihiro Tada, President