Corporate Partnership

IC Net’s Approach to Corporate Partnership

To support the growth of Japanese corporations and their business ventures abroad, IC Net is leveraging its global network to facilitate the entry of Japanese corporations into emerging markets.  IC Net partners with Japanese corporations interested in creating a meaningful change in the world and solving complex development challenges using their resources and expertise. The private sector play an important role in international development, and IC Net works with businesses to enhance their social impact by providing project ideation support, market analysis, strategy development, and risk management post market entry. 


Survey on Moxa Production as a Women’s Income Generating Activity
Nepal, September 2016– September 2017

Feasibility Survey for Highly Concentrated Organic Wastewater and High Salinity Organic Wastewater Treatment with Natural Minerals
Vietnam, June 2016–March 2017

Collaboration Program with the Private Sector for Disseminating Japanese Technology for iSPEED Disaster Medical Mission Operating System
Philippines, April 2016–February 2017

Feasibility Survey with the Private Sector for Utilizing Japanese Technologies in ODA Projects Vietnam, Extension of a Safe and Secure Farming System (IC-MOCS)
Vietnam, June 2015–November 2015