IC Net offers comprehensive development solutions in the following practice areas:


IC Net’s approach to agriculture focuses on transferring appropriate agricultural technology, strengthening organizational and managerial systems, and improve product processing and distribution systems that lead to long term development.  Read More »



IC Net is leveraging its global network to support Japanese corporations interested in using their technical expertise to solve complex development challenges in emerging markets.   Read More »



For over twenty years, IC Net has been helping clients implement programs focused on expanding pre-school, primary, secondary and tertiary education and vocational education which meet the needs of the local communities. Read More »



IC Net supports clients in addressing the multitude of environmental issues through transfer of environmentally-friendly technologies,environmental education, and enhanced environmental management systems. Our approach is centered on stakeholder engagement, linking NGOs and local communities. Read More »



Many people engaged in small and medium enterprises in the developing world do not have adequate access to finance, which makes them vulnerable to shocks such as drought, illnesses, and price fluctuations.  Financial instruments such as insurance, loans and lines of credit, add resilience to these unpredictable risks. Read More »



We have a proven record of working across sectors to create databases of distribution of organisms, assess the status of ecosystems, present our findings at the national, regional and international levels, thereby raising public awareness on issues related to fishery resources. Read More »


IC Net’s work in forestry projects takes into account the locals who need alternative development to make up for their use of timberland resources.  We adopt Joint Forest Management and Eco-Development methods to protect and conserve natural forests, promote community development and livelihood security enhancement, and build capacity to ensure project sustainability.  Read More »



IC Net experts incorporate gender mainstreaming in project formulation and implementation to prevent discrimination and violence against women and girls, provide economic and leadership opportunities, increase participation of women in the political process, improve security for women and girls, promote education, health and well-being, and other measures designed to directly benefit women and girls. Read More »



At IC Net, we help advance the cause of better public sector governance by such means as institutional and organisational analyses of national and subnational governments, evaluation of government capacity, and formulation of action plans to improve governance and service delivery, and capacity development of government officials and civil society organisations. Read More »



A healthy population is critical for a vibrant economy and sustained economic growth. Yet many people from developing countries suffer from chronic and acute onsets of malnutrition, endemic and pandemic disease, and infectious diseases. Read More »



IC Net assists developing countries in smart application of increasing availability in computers, internet access and related IT services in developed countries by carrying out projects that set up hubs of IT, modernize IT infrastructure of beneficiary governments, and promote e-learning in developing countries. Read More »


IC Net believes that strategic planning through monitoring and evaluation is essential for government and donors to make informed decisions.. IC Net has conducted hundreds of monitoring and evaluating projects worldwide in ex-ante, midterm, final and impact (experimental and quasi-experimental) evaluations. Read More »



Populations of secondary and tertiary urban centers are increasing rapidly in developing countries. Rapid urbanization, if not managed properly, will increase poverty in the estimated one billion people who live in these areas worldwide. Read More »



IC Net’s approach to tourism is based on two pillars of inclusiveness and sustainability. We empower rural communities, endowed with magnificent landscapes and vibrant cultures, to decide on their own what products and cultural traditions they want to promote. Read More »



IC Net helps developing countries to engage in international trade more effectively by providing technical assistance to strengthen customs transit procedures in various countries. Read More »