1993 In 1993 October 1, IC Net Co., Ltd. is founded in an apartment in Saitama City by five founding members.
1995 In April, IC Net completes the JICA consultant registration.
June 10, IC Net’s 22 employees relocates its headquarters to Urawa Bessho, Saitama Prefecture.
In September, IC Net creates the General Affairs Department and Consulting Division.
1996 IC Net creates the Business Planning Department.
IC Net founds the Philippines office.
IC Net is awarded the JICA implementation project, called the Morocco Country artisanal fishing village promotion planning study.
IC Net founds Fisheries Technological Institute (Suisan Kagaku Kenkyusyo).
IC Net establishes its Thailand office, the current IC Net Asia office.
1997 IC Net founds its Malaysia office.
1998 The number of IC Net employees exceeds 50 for the first time.
On October 19, IC Net relocates the headquarters to Saitama Chuo-ku, Shimo-Ochiai, the current Training Center.
IC Net establishes USA office, the current ICUS.
1999 IC Net is awarded its first Inter-American Development Bank project on Decentralization.
IC Net closes the Philippines office.
2000 IC Net is awarded a development study contract as a prime contractor on El Salvador Artisanal Fisheries.
2001 IC Net is awarded the contract for Project Cycle Management training on experts awaiting their placement.
2003 On February 1, IC Net relocates its headquarters to the current FSK building.
IC Net commences its International Development training program.
IC Net establishes its Latin America office.
2005 The number of IC Net employees reaches 120 employees.
2007 Mr. Yonesaka retires,  Mr. Yamamoto becomes the new Managing Director.
IC Net opens its Kenya office.
2009 IC Net sales tops 2 billion yen.
IC Net closes Latin America office.
IC Net closes Kenya office.  Mr. Yamamoto retires and Dr. Terashima becomes the new Managing Director.


IC Net establishes the Overseas Business Support Office.IC Net establishes its Bangladesh office.