IC Net’s Approach to Trade

bazargan-iran-to-turkeyAccording to the World Bank, increasing trade is key to ending poverty. Evidence shows that countries open to rules-based, predictable, international trading system tend to grow faster and provide more opportunities to their people than those who do not.  IC Net helps developing countries to engage in international trade more effectively by providing technical assistance to strengthen customs transit procedures in various countries. Our focus is on improving the efficiency of transit systems by introducing new database systems, improving cross-border cargo tracking systems, establishing operational guidelines, and providing training to build capacity.


Trade Facilitation Support for ASEAN Economic Community Blueprint Implementation (Greater Mekong Sub-region/Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand)
Cambodia, May 2015-November 2015

Project for E-Customs and National Single Window for Customs Modernization
Vietnam, 2012-2014

Feasibility Study on the Cargo and Truck Movements in Cambodia
Cambodia, 2015- 2016

Feasibility Study for Implementation of Customs related provisions of the ECO’s Transit Transport Framework Agreement (TTFA)
Member countries of ECO: Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, 2015-2016

Project for Capacity Development of South Sudan Customs Services for Introduction of Harmonized System Code
South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, 2016-2019