IC Nets’ Approach to Gender


Gender and development focuses on not only women, but with the way in which a society assigns roles, responsibilities and expectations to both women and men. Oftentimes women face insurmountable inequalities particularly in developing countries, where they may not have any land tenure rights, reproductive rights, or political voice. IC Net experts incorporate gender mainstreaming in project formulation and implementation to prevent discrimination and violence against women and girls, provide economic and leadership opportunities, increase participation of women in the political process, improve security for women and girls, promote education, health and well-being, and other measures designed to directly benefit women and girls.


Survey on Moxa Production as a Women’s Income Generating Activity
Nepal, September 2016–September 2017

Capacity Development Project for Women in the Maya Region
Mexico, March 2007–March 2010

Capacity Building
Afghanistan, 2004–2005