ICnet's Approach to Health

The global health communities made significant progress over the past decades in key health indicators such as infant and child mortality rates and maternal mortality rates. However, many developing nations still face challenges in achieving targets under the health-related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). At the same time, those countries face emerging health challenges including non-communicable diseases (NCDs) mainly due to the demographic transition to the aging society. These disease- and health-related problems cannot be solved without a functioning health system that enables all people to access health services without incurring financial hardship.

IC Net Limited provides comprehensive and high-quality consulting services to find solutions. In the last fifteen years, IC Net has demonstrated expertise in the areas of needs assessment and capacity development in the health sector. IC Net has conducted projects that cover a wide range of subjects including health sector governance, communicable diseases prevention, and maternal and child health in geographic areas including Asia, Africa, the Pacific, the Caribbean, and Central America.