IC Net’s Approach to Governance

Governance Sector Heading

Good governance is about government getting the job done with participation, transparency, responsiveness, consensus orientation, equity, effectiveness, efficiency, accountability, and strategic vision. At IC Net, we help advance the cause of better public sector governance by such means as institutional and organizational analyses of national and subnational governments, evaluation of government capacity, and formulation of action plans to improve governance and service delivery, and capacity development of government officials and civil society organizations. In all our work on public sector governance we apply participatory approaches to ensure that the interests of all of the stakeholders are represented.


Data Collection Survey on the Development Policy and Public Investment
Mongolia, September 2016–February 2017

Project for Improving Local Governance Training through Capacity Enhancement on Research and Analysis
Nepal, January 2016–January 2020

Upazila Governance and Development Project: Special Assistance for Project Implementation (SAPI)
Bangladesh, July 2015–Ongoing

Promoting Effectiveness of Development Cooperation
Mongolia, January 2015–March 2017

Strengthening Pourashava Governance
Bangladesh, January 2014–December 2017

Strengthening Public Investment Management System Project
Bangladesh, November 2013–February 2018

Public Investment Plan NSEDP
Laos, 2012–2015

Capacity Building Project for Efficient Management Planning and Territorial Development
Dominican Republic, January 2012–March 2015

Improvement of Local Administration Phase 2
Cambodia, 2010–2015

Good Governance Strategy
Bangladesh, June 2013–October 2013

Survey on Northern Region Rural Development (NRRDLGIP)
Bangladesh, March–October 2012

Capacity Development for Rural Development
Cambodia, 2007–2011

Formulation of the South-Western Bangladesh Rural Development Project
Bangladesh, June 2008–January 2009

Improvement of Local Administration
Cambodia, 2007–2009