ICNet's Approach to Agriculture

Agriculture Sector Heading Sri LankaIC Net’s approach to agriculture focuses on transferring appropriate agricultural technology, strengthening organizational and managerial systems, and improve product processing and distribution systems that lead to long term development. Our studies take into account a multitude of actors to harmonize actions in rural development strategies, and to enhance and scale up targeting of the poorest who struggle with little land and technology ownership. Our rigorous facilitative methods ensure that stakeholders’ buy-in and ownership is protected, farming and post harvest productivity increased, and local farmers associations are strengthened.


Survey on Agriculture Sector Development
Laos, March 2010–December 2012

Quality Seed Production
Ethiopia, 2010–2011

Integrated rural development
Paraguay, 2009–2011

Irrigation and Rice Cultivation
Timor Leste, 2008–2009

Agricultural Resources Management
Philippines, 2006–2007

Study on Agricultural Policies in Developing Countries
Bolivia, Cuba, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Laos, Madagascar, Mozambique, Myanmar, Paraguay, and Vietnam, November 2015

High Quality Coffee Production and Processing
Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand, 2013–2014

Agricultural Resources Management

Rice Post-Harvest Processing and Marketing
Nigeria, 2011–2015

Foreign Direct Investment in Food Business
Laos, 2011–2012