IC Net’s Approach to Education

Education Sector Heading Myanmar

For over twenty years, IC Net has been helping clients implement programs focused on expanding pre-school, primary, secondary and tertiary education and vocational education which meet the needs of the local communities. Our focus is on increasing educational attainment for girls and young women who are prone to abandoning schooling in exchange for labor. We work with local and central governments to properly incentivize teachers, administrators and parents so that not only access to education is achieved but quality of pedagogy and accelerating learning in students are also measured.


Enhancing Quality In Teaching Phase 2
Papua New Guinea, 2012-2015

Strengthening Mathematics and Science Education Project Phase 2
Nigeria, 2010-2013

Child-Centered Approach
Myanmar, 2008-2011

Enhancing Quality In Teaching Phase 1
Papua New Guinea, 2005-2008