Survey on Promoting Foreign Direct Investment in Food Business in Laos

The expansion of Japanese direct investment in food business in Laos has great potentials to bring mutual benefits for Laos and Japan; namely, increased income and employment of producers for Laos, and enhanced food security and stable supply of safe foods for export. The objectives of the survey were to identify processed foods that could be strategically targeted, and to promote foreign direct investment in food-related businesses. To achieve the objectives, the IC Net team of experts collected and analyzed information on agriculture, food processing, logistics, and food safety in Laos by consulting public and private stakeholders. The scope of the surveys extended beyond foreign aid projects and included opportunities for public-private partnerships (PPP), foreign private companies, and Laotian public and private sectors.

Based on field work, the IC Net team provided a detailed assessment of Laotian economy and opportunities for investment, analyzed five aspects of the value chain to be targeted, and recommended four types of food-related businesses and potential food items to be promoted strategically.