Feasibility Survey with the Private Sector for Utilizing Japanese Technologies in ODA Projects Vietnam, Extension of a Safe and Secure Farming System (IC-MOCS) (June 2015 –November 2015)

The annual production rate of Vietnam’s agricultural sector increased by 3-4% in the span of 20 years from the late 1990s to 2016. With increased productivity, Vietnam hoped to increase the competitiveness of its agricultural products in the international markets. However, due to the use of non-approved agricultural chemicals and poor quality control, the safety of Vietnam’s products was called into question and exports failed to surge. In order to provide Vietnamese farmers with alternatives to unsafe agricultural chemicals and farming practices, IC Net assisted the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in the introduction of Inoue Calcium Corporation’s IC Boldeaux Method Organic Cultivation System (IC-MOCS), a system that takes a multi-faceted approach to promoting eco-friendly agricultural practices centered around the use of safe fungicides, spraying agents, and rain covers. The system also customizes farming techniques depending on the local context and trains people to use IC-MOCS to promote sustainable farming practices.  The technology is expected to aid in making the country’s products safer and contribute to the development of Vietnam’s agricultural sector.

The project report is available here (for English, skip to page 137 of the report).