Strengthening of Child-Centered Approach Phase II

Education Sector Heading MyanmarIn Myanmar, the enrollment rate in primary education is high at more than 90%. However, the graduation rate is low due to the teaching method centered on rote memorization and recitation. This Strengthening the Child Centered Approach (CCA) Project Phase I implemented by IC Net from December 2004 – November 2007, aimed at helping primary school teachers conduct lessons in line with the CCA method, which is designed to help children develop their creativity and cognitive problem-solving skills.

The goal of the follow on project, Strengthening of Child-Centered Approach Phase II, was to continue improving on the teaching/learning practice provided in Phase II. Here, IC Net experts provided support for a variety of training options. such as improving teachers education based on the CCA concept at teachers colleges, establishing cascade-style practical in-service training and supporting school and community based training and meeting. IC Net provided support to prepare mathematic teachers guidebook based on the CCA concept. The number of the target township of the Project Phase II is 40 in addition to the 27 townships covered by the Phase I.