Guideline Study for Assistance on South-South Cooperation in the Environmental Field

coopEnvironCAThe Japanese Ministry of the Environment (MOE) had been working on technical cooperation for building the capacity of governments of developing countries in environmental management. Although the MOE built environment centers in six countries and supported capacity building through them, it does not have sufficient resources to help all the other countries the same way. On the other hand, the MOE started a study on environmental cooperation through South-South Cooperation consisting of trained individuals in universities and experts in development assistance agencies.

IC Net undertook a field study in Mexico, Central American and Caribbean states, all of which were models for the MOE study commission.  IC Net conducted a questionnaire in these countries and existing environment centers, and served as the secretariat of the study commission on the framework of this approach. Based on rearrangement of the South-South Cooperation SSC, IC Net put forth eight alternative project proposals.