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Electric Power Development

Environmental and Social Considerations Study on the Optimal Electric Power Development in Sumatra

optElectricFollowing the Java-Bali electric system, the Government of Indonesia (GOI) made it a national priority to improve electricity provision and formulate a development plan for electricity generation and distribution infrastructure in Sumatra.  As such, they requested the Government of Japan (GOJ) to send a study mission on the issue. In response, the GOJ sent a JICA study mission to devise an electricity development Master Plan (M/P) for Sumatra.

As a member of the study team for social Environment Impact Assessments (EIA), an IC Net consultant conducted an Environmental and Social Considerations (ESC) study at the M/P stage in cooperation with a natural environment impact assessment specialist. Based on baseline studies (on ESC requirements by relevant regulations and guidelines, protective zones, etc.) and a study on existing and planned power plant sites, an IC Net consultant carried out a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the existing electricity power development plans and an initial environmental study and, in this capacity, organized workshops and stakeholders’ meetings in Sumatra.