Feasibility Survey for Highly Concentrated Organic Wastewater and High Salinity Organic Wastewater Treatment with Natural Minerals in Vietnam (June 2016 –March 2017)

Vietnam has a long coastline, stretching from north to south. Economies along the coast thrives on aquaculture and the processing of seafood. However, wastewater produced as a result of these activities have gone untreated in the country, posing environmental and health risks. Yabu Doken Corporation developed a low-cost lumilite system which uses natural minerals proved to be safe for the environment. This water clarification system treats high salinity wastewater containing high organic concentration which is difficult to do with conventional wastewater treatment technology.  In partnership with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), IC Net Limited worked with the Yabu Doken Corporation to assess the feasibility of introducing the lumilite system to treat the wastewater in Vietnam.