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Capacity Enhancement Program for the Metro Iloilo-Guimaras Economic Development Council and the Banate Bay Resource Management Council Inc. (Coastal Resource Management Subproject), Philippines

enhProgIn the Philippines, under the local governance law in 1991, provision of basic public services, including optimal use and management of natural resources, was transferred from the Central Government to the Local Government Units (LGUs). However, the LGUs had not achieved expected results in local development and resources management because of insufficient human resources and financial capabilities. In the coastal villages, or barangays, of Iloilo province, the coastal environment deteriorated because of destruction of mangrove forests and coral reefs as well as harmful fishing activities. This led to a decline in fisheries resources and an increase in poverty in affected villages. IC Net carried out a survey of barangays to collect scientific and management data on such factors as cost-effectiveness and sustainability to formulate a robust coastal resource management plan. As technical transfer to staff members of the Banate Bay Resource Management Council Inc. (BBRMCI), IC Net inquired on the capability of BBRMCI. As the prime contractor, IC Net carried out the following: (i) review of relevant existing documents; (ii) workshops to collect information for site selection; (iii) site selection; (iv) oceanographic surveys; and (v) resource assessments.