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Registration Systems


Study of Registration Systems for Small-Scale Fishing Vessels, Fishing Gear and Fishers

In May 2006, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of Madagascar and the World Bank organized an International Workshop on Registration Systems for Small-Scale Fishing Vessels, Fishing Gear and Fishers. The aim of the workshop was to help the Government of Madagascar (GOM) develop a small-scale fisheries registration system. The workshop was the first in a series of similar workshops and conferences on all continents.  It became a touchstone in spreading a precautionary approach on a small-scale fisheries registration system throughout the world.

The World Bank asked IC Net to prepare background materials for the workshop to (i) examine how registration systems for small-scale fisheries operate at the community, district and national levels and (ii) extract lessons and best practices on the design and operation of such systems for utilization in developing countries. IC Net carried out case studies in El Salvador, Indonesia, Japan, Mauritius, and Morocco. IC Net summarized the findings, key points and recommendations for future registration programs for fishing vessels, fishing gear and fishers in the small-scale fishery sector.