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Capacity Building of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs of Afghanistan for Reconstruction and Development

In 2004, Afghanistan’s Ministry of Women’s Affairs was only three years old and lacked a capacity to formulate and put forward policy recommendations and engage in advocacy. An IC Net consultant supported capacity building of the ministry as a JICA expert from September 2002 to June 2004. Due to the excellent feedback IC Net received, the ADB Afghanistan office asked IC Net to work as a policy and planning advisor/team leader in this project. Main activities of the project were: (1) support structural reform of the ministry; (2) improve the capacity to collect information and conduct studies through joint implementation of a study on the social and economic situation of women, (3) revise and strengthen the administrative and financial systems of the ministry; and (4) support the minister and vice minister in formulating policies. The consultant’s duties included manage and maintain a project team which includes another international consultant, three local consultants and two support staff members. In addition, the IC Net consultant trained the Afghan consultants of varying abilities.