Project for Improving Local Governance Training through Capacity Enhancement on Research and Analysis in Nepal (January 2016–January 2020)

In 1999, Nepal put in place the Local Self Governance Act (LSGA) which established the institutional mechanisms needed for local self-governance.  However, there have been no local election since 1997 and delivery of public services remained inefficient. The establishment of the Local Development Training Academy (LDTA) in 1993 also garnered high hopes within the country to improve the governance of local bodies but its influence waned in the 1990s as a result of the weakening of the governing monarchy. However, the crucial role of the LDTA in strengthening local governance had become more apparent over the years for the government and international donor agencies, with the expectation that the LDTA will take the lead in training local government officials to increase their ability to govern.

The program aims to establish a comprehensive training system for the LDTA, focusing on mechanisms to improve local governance.  IC Net followed a four step process in order to revamp the LDTA training program. First, IC Net developed a module outlining the implementation of needs assessments of urban and rural areas as well as programs based on gender equality and social inclusion. Next, IC Net carried out the new training program after prior training results and field research findings were analyzed to structure the process. The data gathered from the program were analyzed by region to further refine the training process and curriculum. The fourth step was to engage the stakeholders invested in the project to expand the knowledge base and networks necessary to improve operations of the LDTA.