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IC Net Limited | Design, Supervision and Monitoring of NOBIDEP
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Design, Supervision and Monitoring of NOBIDEP

Design, Supervision and Monitoring Consultancy Services of the Northern Bangladesh Integrated Development Project (DSM, NOBIDEP)

Poor infrastructure development prevents rural areas residents access to large markets and regional cities.  People have little economic opportunities, schools, hospitals and government services. The local governments of small cities do not have adequate employees or financial resources, and also lack the organization and capacity to meet the needs of local residents.  It is imperative that the roads connecting rural areas and regional cities be improved.  IC Net was awarded the contract for this project in December, 2013. 

The Northern Bangladesh Integrated Development Project (NOBIDEP) aims to improve the infrastructure as well as the administrative and financial capacity of local governments in the 14 districts of northern Bangladesh.  This will improve the basic social infrastructure for people living in the northern areas in order to improve access to social services, ultimately reducing rural-urban disparities.  IC Net is responsible for the design, supervision and monitoring of construction of roads and small bridges and water discharge facilities, marketplaces and in small regional cities. IC Net will also provide capacity building in accounting and tax collection to local governments of small regional cities in target areas.