Data Collection Survey on the Development Policy and Public Investment in Mongolia (September 2016–February 2017)

 Mongolia’s economy showed strong growth in 2011, with a 17.3% GDP growth rate, spurred by the inflow of foreign direct investments directed to the country’s natural resources. Shortly afterward, market conditions declined for copper and coal, foreign direct investments declined, and by 2015, Mongolia recorded a low 2.3% GDP growth rate. Although the government understood the need for a national development policy to move its country forward, it lacked the expertise and human capital to manage the process.

IC Net was tasked by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to gather information on regulations, current government structure, personnel capacity, development needs, aid assistance and other issues pertinent in developing a comprehensive national development policy. IC Net took stock of existing data and resources to assess the government’s capacity to manage development projects such as those centered around public investments, private-public partnerships, and the Mongolia Development Bank. A final report was published to summarize the main findings of the survey followed by a feedback seminar with the Mongolian government agencies and international organizations. JICA will utilize the results to formulate a technical assistance project in Mongolia.