E-Learning Project Planning at the Global Development Learning Network (GDLN)Center in the University of Jordan

JICA and the World Bank established the Global Development Learning Network Center (GDLNC) of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, a distance education center, in the premises of the University of Jordan (UJ). GDLNC had been used as a main facility for seminars and training programs by the World Bank and other organizations. However, given GDLNC’s potential for developing and delivering contents, the UJ planned to utilize it as a hub for e-learning and distance education for the country and surrounding region. With abundant resources as the premier university in Jordan, it planned not only to receive contents from the World Bank but also explored the possibilities of making its resources available in other regions of the country and strengthening cooperation in research with academic institutions in the Palestinian territories and Iraq.

As a country eager to develop itself as a knowledge-based society by providing opportunities for quality education to all citizens including those in rural areas, Jordan places high priority to enhancement of higher and lifelong education. However, the UJ did not have staff with experience in e-learning and distance education. It thus requested JICA for a consultant with expertise capable of guiding and supporting the project. IC Net was thus awarded the contract  to carry out this project. IC Net provided technical guidance to GDLNC for detailed project planning to enhance GDLNC’s capacity as a center for e-learning and distance education as well as digitalization of the network and its contents.