Ex-post monitoring of Japanese ODA loan projects (Agriculture, Power): Package 2

JICA commissions ex-post monitoring approximately seven years after the completion of ODA Loan projects to assess project effectiveness and sustainability based on the results of the ex-post evaluation previously carried out.  It re-verifies the project’s effectiveness, impact, and sustainability, as well as monitors the extent to which recommendations drawn from the ex-post evaluation are being applied.

IC Net carried out the ex-post monitoring study of the following three projects:

  • Energy Saving, Environmental Protection and Improvement of On-stream Factor of Ghorasal Urea Fertilizer Factory, Bangladesh
  • Eastern Gandak Canal Hydroelectric Project, India
  • Upper Kolab Irrigation Project, India

In this package of projects, IC Net team successfully completed the following activities : 1. conducted a literature review of projects to be evaluated; 2. developed evaluation methods, procedures and questionnaires directed at project stakeholders; 3. conducted questionnaire surveys with stakeholders, interviews with beneficiaries, field visits, collection of additional data; 4. analyzed the collected data from interviews and surveys to extract quantitative and qualitative findings from the evaluations; 5. re-calculated, with the support of local consultants, the EIRRs of each of the projects; 6. discussed the preliminary evaluation results with key governments stakeholders and collected their comments; 7. prepared an evaluation report on the achievements and impacts of the projects, with recommendations on lessons learned; and 8. finalized the evaluation report following discussions with JICA.