Ex-post evaluation of Japanese ODA loan projects (Power): Package II

powerJICA regularly commissions third-party firms to carry out ex-post evaluation of yen-loan projects in a few years after project completion, in order to verify the achievement levels of their overall goals, the presence and extent of the ripple effects of the investments, and the sustainability of project effects.  It aims to extract recommendations and lessons learned necessary for the project impact to be sustained and improved as a whole.

The IC Net team evaluated a package of projects in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Sri Lanka based on the evaluation guidelines produced by the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) of the OECD. The results of the evaluation were used to generate lessons learned for future project formulation and implementation. The IC Net team evaluated the following projects in the energy sector:

  • Power Distribution and Efficiency Enhancement Project, Bangladesh
  • Rural Electrification Project (Phase V-B), Bangladesh
  • Transmission Line Construction Project in Java-Bali (I), (II), and (III), Indonesia
  • Transmission and Substation Development Project (2), Sri Lanka
  • Medium Voltage Distribution Network Reinforcement Project, Sri Lanka
  • Power Sector Restructuring Program, Sri Lanka

In this package, IC Net team successfully completed the following activities: 1. developed evaluation methods and procedures based on the DAC evaluation guidelines and questionnaires directed at project stakeholders; 2. implemented joint-evaluation workshops to share evaluation procedures with counterpart agencies; 3. conducted interviews with stakeholders and direct/indirect beneficiaries to compile necessary data; 4. implemented surveys at project sites; 5. analyzed the collected data from interviews and surveys to distill findings on the achievements and impacts of the projects; 6. derived recommendations that would improve sustainability of the projects evaluated, and extracted lessons learned for future project formulation and implementation; and 8. prepared evaluation reports.