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IC Net Limited | Development in Jaffna District
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Development in Jaffna District

Project for Development Planning for the Rapid Promotion of Reconstruction and Development in Jaffna District

ReconstructSLThe prolonged civil war in Sri Lanka not only devastated its infrastructure and production capabilities, but also destroyed delivery of social services to its local residents especially in Jaffna district.  The objectives of the PDP-Jaffna Project were to implement Quick Impact Pilot Projects (QIPP) for rapid restoration of livelihoods of the conflict-affected communities, and to formulate a Road Map for development of Jaffna based on the findings from the pilot projects. Other QIPPs include rehabilitation of seven irrigation tanks and two fisheries jetties.

IC Net formulated a regional development plan for the development and post-conflict rehabilitation of the Jaffna by:

  1. Conducting a baseline survey to gather information on the socioeconomic situation of the region and to set performance indicators
  2. Implementing 17 pilot projects to test out various approaches to reconstruction
  3. Carrying out benefit monitoring and evaluation of the outcomes and impacts of the pilot projects; and
  4. Disseminate the results, findings and lessons from this monitoring and evaluation in formulating the regional development plan.  The pilot project activities included the construction of small-scale infrastructure such as fish auction walls as well as the capacity development of key beneficiaries including farmers and fishermen.

Additionally, IC Net provided technical assistance in the rehabilitation of larger-scale infrastructure by:

  • Monitoring and supervising construction works
  • Carrying out capacity building of local officials in the supervision of community-based projects; and
  • Helping beneficiaries to start new economic activities using the facilities rehabilitated by the project, pilot key activities, and provide training.