New Award: Project for Strengthening the Primary Health Care System

IC Net Limited was awarded a Project for Strengthening the Primary Health Care System based on the National Health Model in Honduras.  This project period is implemented from April 2014 to April 2018.

Honduras as a country still has a high mortality rate for both infants and pregnant women. This is due to the fact that the medical facilities focus on treatment, while there should be more focus on education and information about health prevention. Under this condition, the Ministry of Health, consisting of a team of doctors and nurses, are trying to build a system that will be conducted comprehensively to disease prevention, health promotion, treatment, and rehabilitation through the ambulance, home study and other activities.

In this project, the team will work towards establishing appropriate governing bodies to carry out health care services and set performance standards at the El Paraiso province and Lempira province. It is expected that there will be an improvement of health services for the residents there.

This project is in its planning phase, as our team is working with frontline healthcare workers.  The team will first work with on how to implement the system at Central Government level, they then will apply it to the local level.