Monitoring & Evaluation

IC Net’s Approach to Monitoring & Evaluation


IC Net believes that strategic planning through monitoring and evaluation is essential for government and donors to make informed decisions. IC Net has conducted hundreds of monitoring and evaluating projects worldwide in ex-ante, midterm, final and impact (experimental and quasi-experimental) evaluations. Our experts measure immediate economic and social effects and longer-term impacts, such as the benefits of the investments; and sustainability of the investments, their benefits and the environment. In fact, IC Net is one of the biggest contributors in the evaluation of JICA’s yen loan projects and has established the status of top class evaluator. IC Net experts have evaluated projects in agriculture, power, transportation, disposal systems, water and sewerage, irrigation, and construction.


Fisheries, Resource Management
Panama, November 2015

Business, Construction, Transport: II-3
India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia, 2012-2013

Construction, Agriculture, Environment: Package IV-1
Philippines, 2011-2012

Construction, Transport: Package 4
China, 2010-2011

Transport, Capacity development: Package IV-1
Vietnam, 2010-2011

Transport, Agriculture: Package IV-6
Philippines, 2011

Environment : Package 5
China, 2009-2010

Agriculture, Power: Package 2
Bangladesh, India, 2009-2010

Environment, Agriculture: Package II-4
China, 2009-2010

Transport, Power: Package 15
Philippines, 2010

Power: Package II
Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, 2008-2009

Agriculture, Transport
Brazil, Peru, 2007-2008

Transport, Disposal system, Water, Construction
Pakistan , Thailand, Indonesia, China, 2007

Agriculture, Environment, Finance, Construction, Power
Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Brazil, Mexico, 2006