Survey for the Promotion of Effective Fisheries Cooperation in the Republic of Bangladesh

IC Net implemented a survey for the promotion of effective fisheries cooperation in the Republic of Bangladesh, a subsidized project by the Japanese government and commissioned by Marino-Forum 21. The studies were conducted in order to explore the possibility of a community development project for income improvement of women in fishing villages through communal management of minor aquaculture facilities and water area in Bangladesh. It also aimed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of project planning.

The IC Net team gathered information from the Department of Fisheries (DOF), fishery workers and other stakeholders focusing on the following points:

  1. The condition of inland fisheries;
  2. Quality control of fisheries products;
  3. Community development, poverty reduction and nutrition improvement through community-based fisheries;
  4. Alternative income generation activities for women and the poor in the fishery community;
  5. Activities of fishing corporative groups; and
  6. The support provided by DOF and other stakeholders for small-scale fishing.

Based on the results and discussions with the DOF, IC Net submitted a plan of technical cooperation project named Project for the Formulations, Strengthening and Expansion of Fishery Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) to the DOF.

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